About La Mejor De Michoacan Ice Cream

Manuel has spent over 25 years making and perfecting La Mejor De Michoacan Ice Cream. There is nothing like its blend of flavors or its uniquely, delicious sweet, rich, taste anywhere.

Traveling Makes Ice Cream A Sweet Adventure!

It’s no wonder, Manuel, as a young boy went on a quest, all over Mexico, working in Ice Cream Stores…store after store…from Acapulco to Guadalajara to Guaymas and others. For over 12 years, Manuel looked for the most special ice cream in the world. Manuel even went on to California on his quest. There he met a young, beautiful Mexican girl named Perla who, too, loved Ice Cream. They fell in love and married. Then, one day Perla said she knew where the best tasting Ice Cream in the world was. Manuel said - Where? Perla said - In our hearts! And La Mejor De Michoacan Ice Cream was born.

The rest is scrumptious La Mejor De Michoacan Ice Cream history right here in Georgia. Come enjoy our mouth-watering, luscious flavors, like Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies and Creem, Coffee, Carmel, Pistachio and more. Of course La Mejor De Michoacan has an array of authentic Mexican favorites like Corn, Mamey, Piñon, Guayaba, Guanabana and a wide variety of great tasting Popsicles. Delicious, delightful La Mejor De Michoacan Ice Cream – a taste that’s out of this world, right from our hearts.