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As a young boy, Manuel left his home and went on a quest, all over Mexico, to find the most exquisite tasting Ice Cream he could.

For over 12 years he went on quest from Ice Cream store to Ice Cream store working all over Mexico… from Acapulco to Tijuana… trying to find the perfect taste of Ice Cream.

Not satisfied with what he found in Mexico, his quest took him to California. He didn’t find the Ice Cream he loved, but he did find something else… yes, a beautiful Mexican girl…Perla…and she loved him.

Perla loved Ice Cream too! They married…and then Perla said she knew where the best tasking Ice Cream was. Manuel said “Where?” and Perla said, “In our hearts.”

Then, off they drove to Georgia. And today they make La Mejor De Michoacan Ice Cream, the Ice Cream right from their hearts, with a taste that’s out of this world.

We invite you to experience the difference for yourself!

We've Spent Over 25 Years Perfecting The Delicious Taste of La Mejor De Michoacan Ice Cream. We are growing too. Not only do we have 4 La Mejor Ice Cream Stores, but there are more stores coming soon. Also, we have a huge factory just filled with the best ingredients and Ice Cream in the world.

So, come to La Mejor Ice Cream today and enjoy!



Come check out our various flavors! La Mejor offers a variety of 38 to 40 different flavors ranging from traditional Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla; however, we offer non-traditional flavors such as Coffee, Currant, and spicy fruit.

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As a family business that sponsors Little League Baseball, sponsors Book Days and promotes kids’ reading and learning each day. La Mejor is dedicated to giving back to our Community. Need support for an event?

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About Us

Searching for 12 years for the best tasting ice cream, Manuel Medrano traveled to the heart of Mexico and eventually to California. But then, suddenly, one fateful evening with his wife—Perla—that La Mejor De Michoacan Ice Cream was born!

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